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Are you looking for the most advanced IoT solution for your remote sensing needs?
If you answered Yes, then you've come to the right place...

Welcome to Evolutionary Networks!

Who We Are
We're IoT Engineers. We have advanced degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from top universities in the US. We live and breathe IoT.

What We Do
We design wireless sensor networks from the ground up: The hardware, the network stack, the biologically-inspired routing protocols.

How We Do
Imagine a city. Now imagine a wireless sensor network large enough to cover this city. Now imagine multiple cities, whose wireless networks are connected through an advanced IoT backbone, delivering data to a diverse group of stakeholders. Now imagine the whole planet.

Who You Are
You're someone who wants to collect data. Lots of data. All the time. Let us know what type of data you want to collect. We'll build you the sensor, and deploy it for free.

The Plan
In order to build a global network that everyone can use, we must first start small and work our way up!

Get Involved
This is a 100% bootstrapped company. Each one of us has a full-time job, and we work on developing this technology in our spare time. We have no investors, and no other source of capital except for what we make from our 9-to-5's. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will help us meet the global demand for an intelligent IoT infrastructure, sooner.

Thank You So Much!!!

By the way, you like the HTML5 Canvas simulation? Take it... it's yours!


Got questions? Email us at info [AT] evolutionarynetworks [DOT] com
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